About Us

Backyard Terrors™ presents The Funhouse! Backyard Terrors specializes in creating anything you can think up! We can make that one special thing you need, or design an entire attraction!

The Funhouse is Backyard Terrors' seasonal haunted attraction. Proceeds will benefit our year-round, donation-only-admission dinosaur park!

Origin of The Funhouse

You know those stories of traveling carnivals that ventured through the countryside, stopping at small towns along the way to the delight of young an old alike? The FUNHOUSE was once a part of one of these merry-making shows. That is until the disappearances started. First it was the odd teenager here and there...maybe they just ran off together folks said, but then the children started vanishing at an alarming rate. It was soon noticed the vanishing children coincided with the arrival of the carnival. On a warm Fall day in October the towns people rose up in typical mob-style and marched on the carnival grounds. The freaks and clowns ran into the Funhouse where the crowd pursued them. What they found filled them with horror and disgust. They set torch to the entire building... flames burned all night and the embers wouldn't cool for weeks. The entire mess was buried to be forgotten. That is until many years later when some local children started digging. They thought it was fun and games, but a grave disturbed will always bring retribution... so it was The FUNHOUSE rose from the ashes that very October and every year since... claiming those foolish or brave enough to enter it's depths and face it's twisted denizens... just follow the faint scent of cotton candy on the wind and the crying of the calliope... Will you join them?